30 Mar 2010

I'm Dan and I'm another junior copywriter

Who need's another junior copywriter? There's loads of 'em.

That's why I teamed up with Matt, a junior art director. Together we are more than just another junior copywriter. We are another junior advertising team.

Most other junior ad teams seem to want to tell you why they're different.

Some will say they're more creative. That's like me saying I'm better than you at biting my fingernails. It's subjective and therefore difficult to measure or judge. So I won't say we're more creative.

Some will say they're passionate and dedicated. We're passionate and dedicated, but our work would be crap if we weren't, so its hardly a selling point.

Some say they're ambitious. Good, but so are most junior teams.

In actual fact (talent aside), most junior ad teams are pretty similar. They're usually juniors. They usually want to work in advertising. They're usually a team.

All I'll say about us is that we're
  • Laid back
  • Easy to get on with
  • Not prone to hissy fits
And failing that, we're creative, passionate and ambitious...

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