4 May 2010

Music in Advertising

After looking back at a handful of my favourite TV ads from the last few years I've realised that it isn't just the idea and way its directed that I enjoy, it's also the music used in the ad. Take the recent John Lewis advert for example, the first time I saw it was without sound and I didn't think twice about it. It was only until the day after that I overheard people talking about it on the bus that I decided to re-watch it and fully appreciate how powerful it was. Maybe its easier to capture the audiences attention and imagination with sound that it is pictures, it certainly changed my experience of the John Lewis advert and really made me appreciate good use of sound in advertising and how powerful the music can be.

I found its the same with movies, last week I experimented with watching some old horror films, firstly without sound, then with different music. It almost turned some of they into comedy films, making the scary parts seem like something out of a old Laurel and Hardy film.

Have a look at the Sony Bravia ad from a few years back with a different soundtrack and see what you think, I know which one I prefer.

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