2 Nov 2010


Today I figured out why I'm not as motivated to do anything as I was a year ago.

About three years ago, seeing as I was living at home and getting a student loan, I set out on a plan to get all the things I wanted while I could afford them. So instead of spending my student loan on partying I decided to invest in a plasma TV, an iMac and a trip to NYC. I also bought a PS3 because I was working while I was at uni.

So now I have a comfortable room full of cool stuff.

That's why tomorrow I'm putting my PS3 in to the attic and giving the power cable for the TV to my Dad.

Because when I'm comfortable, I'm not striving for something better, for something amazing.

Also, my wardrobe's going in the charity bin. Dressing smarter might help me feel sharper. Just a thought.

I also find one of my biggest motivations is music, so I'm transferring from using iTunes to putting all my favourite tunes on a Youtube playlist, so I can access it whenever, wherever.

Lastly, I need to get out of where I normally work, so its time to find somewhere else to write these blog posts...

Experiment commence.

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