16 Feb 2011

Difference of opinion

''Opinions are an arsehole and every creative has three of them'' - wise words indeed.
We like to note down what work we've shown each agency, whether they like it, hate it or actually take offence to it. (we try to keep these to a minimum)

On looking at these notes, we decided to make a basic info graphic, based on notes we'd taken in book crits. Along the bottom you have creatives (no names of course) and up the side you will see a selection of campaigns we've shown ( I could go into detail about what these campaigns consisted of but I'll keep it simple for now).

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see there's quite a contrast in opinion. Of course there were some campaigns that were more favoured than others, but some were like Marmite. The key thing we've learnt is that everyone has an opinion and they'll probably all be different. Try and get as many as possible, take in the ones you agree with but most important of all, use your instinct.

After all, you can't please em all.

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