3 Feb 2011

The life of a jr creative team

“Done” “Seen it before’’ “Worn path’’ “Was done 60,000 years ago in Africa and won a D & AD for best cave painting’’ – words and phrases that I’m sure all Junior Creatives are familiar with.

As we delve even deeper into the world of Advertising we find it increasingly important not only to choose the right briefs, but to chisel away, research and explore as many routes and ideas as possible until we have something that resembles an ad. (If we’re lucky it might even be good enough to end up in our holy book)

We often find ourselves looking for new, interesting ways of working. Whether it be spending 3 days working in the same room as my house mate and good friend who’s studying Architecture, or working with The Seven Samurai on repeat (I can assure you the latter was much less productive) it all helps to try and avoid the dreaded word “done”.

"Don't go easy on yourselves, push an idea til it's cocaine strength" was some good advice we’ve had recently, something that may seem obvious but its undeniably true.

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