29 Mar 2011

Always learning

A few 'popular search engine' searches we've been doing lately

sushi, speed dating, sushi speed dating, fish with legs, golf pro, gofling street, tennis golf ball, street sports, outdoor golf urban, urban golf, urban golf shorditch, yorkshire cow, field country farm, vet, vet service, hand up cow, vet working, top down brewery, storage, storage space uk, can i store a body?, can you store a body, fritzl padlocks, origin of 'sushi', nigiri and sashimi, personality sushi,what the fuck is wasabi?, dark beer, what makes beer dark,rubicon river, tropical head dress, girl with fruit, girl with fruit (safe search on), bacteria, bacteria dog, hitchhiking man with dog, what is bacteria, 99.9% spray, can you drink dettol?

I hope no one's monitoring us....

1 comment:

  1. lol, I saw your twitter page, and I was like "Creative agency", I'm creative lets follow them . Clearly, it was a very good idea :P