21 Aug 2013

Blast from the past

Apologies, we haven't maintained this blog very well recently. So a bit like a jar of Marmite, it's been thrust into the nether-regions of the cupboard for the past six months or so.

Anyway, we've been working at ais London for coming up to a year.

We've got a new site coming soon to reflect that. The old site was more about getting attention (probably only child syndrome on my behalf), the new site will be more practical. Plus we'll try and include a bit of help for people who are in a similar situation to the one we were in with placements etc.

And hopefully once the new site is up, we can try to integrate this blog. For reasons unknown it still seems to be getting more hits than a ginger stepchild, so we'll give it the love and care it deserves sometime soon.

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