26 Jul 2010

Add to our blog title

I will be adding something to the Matt&Dan header/drawing at the top of the page every day from now until whenever I get bored. I'll leave it up to anyone reading as to what I add (within reason) and it'll be updated every day.

It can be anything, whether it be a drawing, colour, picture etc etc. I'll take the best idea from each day (unless this fails then it's staying as it is).

Here's the original and good luck!

Day one: Chimp, Dinosaur,City.



  1. A hat on the "&" making it somehow look like your own city --> Matthatdan --> Manhattan New York.. Maybe its stupid but you never know...

    Keep up the good work and greetings from creativecriminals.com


  2. Thanks for the ideas so far, keep them coming.

    Hello to you too creativecriminals, cheers for the follow!

  3. Like I said on FB. Make a Muslim out of the Ampersand.

  4. I think you should get some sort of rainbow going on.

    Oh wait or a steamboat, i dont know why just fricking do it

  5. haha ok, I'll add it later today or tomorrow!