22 Jul 2010

A few things we've learnt

We've been pretty busy this last few weeks. After finally getting our book finished and printed we've been finding out names, emailing, sending out letters/packages and other bits to try and get our name out there.

We've learnt a few things so far, here's a few of them:

1. Never let Matt (me) send out any emails. This will usually result in getting replies commenting on punctuation and advising books to buy to help prevent this in the future....all in good humour of course.

2. Address every agency differently. This has become very apparent when we've been sending stuff out, sometimes it's as easy as sending an email and other times it seems to be best to send something by post or find a different way to contact people.

3.Don't kick the printer, it doesn't improve the quality or make it print any faster.

4. Being persistent without trying to annoy anyone seems to be the hardest part at the moment but as they say....only the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

More to come soon.

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