4 Nov 2010

Changing the game

If you have a spare 35 minutes, I advise taking time out to watch the short film above (in HD). As an amateur film buff I think it's worth genuine artistic merit.

More importantly I think it shows how innovators don't just push the boundaries of their own field, they push the boundaries of anything vaguely related to their passion.

As a film, this is well-shot, the art direction and costume design is astute, the music spot on. In fact if you didn't know who Kanye West was, this is still a fantastic film; this is the reason it's so brilliant. It works because it flips the concept of product placement by taking control of everything else, with the music playing a background role. Instead of seeing Ryan from the OC drinking a Pepsi, we're seeing Pepsi create the OC, cast the actors, write the script and compose the music.

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