3 Nov 2010

The recession

Everyone hates the recession. I love it. Here's why-

A recession creates change, a challenge to the status quo. This is always good if you're willing to accept it.

A recession creates opportunities. Good.

A recession forces the crap companies to shut down. Honestly? About time Woolworth's shut down. Good riddance.

A recession cuts the middle ground. Those at the top have usually seen it coming, so are sitting pretty. The others face a race to the bottom. Great or shit. Forceful emotions. Love it.

A recession is the start of a new boom. Things can't get any worse, so everything is going to get better.

A recession is a lesson in repeating patterns. Set your alarm for 2018 - sell your business then.

Stuff is cheaper.

All in all I think people who embrace a recession are in an advantageous position. It's like a bonus multiplier on a pinball machine - get it early and later on you'll benefit massively. It's a chance to try new things.

If anyone has a go just tell 'em, "HEY! Don't you know there's a recession on!?"

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